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G'day Mates

        Welcome to my den of total iniquity. Are you comfortable with your tea or coffee and bikkies?? If so please carry on and enjoy what is to follow.

        This page was first started in about 1995 and has changed very little over the ensuing years. Therefore I think it is time I did something about it and have a major upgrade. Even though I am now a retired gentleman it is not going to change overnight. As I am an aviation nut I have added a Flight Simulation section as well. This will evolve over time as I add things like flight plans, repaints and screenshots. I am also a beta tester for a couple of aircraft and scenery developers and you will see occasional screenshots of things I am testing.

        My how the internet has changed over the years.I can remember when the best modem you could get operated at 33kb/sec and if you wanted something faster then it was off to your local library or TAFE college. Then along came this thing called Broadband and now in a couple of years we will have such a thing called Super Fast Broadband. Other things have changed as well. Originally one of the first way of contactin people was via forums and chat programmes were very basic but over the years they have also evolved.

        Now we have things like Facebook and VOIP programmes that make use of a webcam (not sure if that is a good or a bad thing). A few years ago I discovered Skype. This telephone type programme allows you to talk over the internet. It also makes use of the webcam BEST OF ALL IT IS FREE!!!. While MSN Messenger and Yahoo messenger are good and make use of the webcam they seem to be outdated by the popularity of Facebook. A simple email request to me will get you the necessary details to add me to any of the above programmes

        Throughout your visit you will find that I can be rather risque, funny or very sensitive depending on the mood I am in. In recent years I have had some major upheavals and there have been times when I felt it would have been so easy to give up, but in true Aussie spirit I have fought on and come out a winner. You can take it from me that no matter how impossible things may seem there is always someone to support you and if, like me, you believe you have a Guardian Angel watching over you, then you will definately never walk alone.

        By following the links below you will have some fun, maybe cry a little, learn a bit about me and my family as well as Australia.

        All you have to do is to click on the links below to get to where you want to go.

        As stated earlier the changes you see on some of the pages are minor as I wish to move on and create my Flight Simulation pages that I have been trying to do for a longe time now.

        The only thing I ask visitors to do is to please leave their mark in my guestbook. Also if you don't mind, could you please wash your cups and make sure the cake and bikkie tins are full for the next lot of visitors

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