As you view these pages you may need to have a box of tissues close at hand. All the following items have been sent to me in emails over the months. I hope you enjoy your visit here. Where possible I have given credit to the authors. In some cases the author is unknown.

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  Roses For Rose  
  The Prayer Chair  
  Linda's Last Gift  
  The Father's Eyes  
  I Believe  
  The Gift  
  The Invitation  
  Guardian Angel  
  The Soldier's Bible  
  Checking In  
  In a Hurry  
  A True Story  
  A Reason  
  A Teen's Voice  
  Brick of Life  
  Interview With God  
  A Columbine Parent's Message  
  Buttprints In The Sand  
  How Poor People Live  
  A Child's Prayer  
  Browny & Spotty  
  Buddhist Mantra  
  Facts of Life  
  Dear God  
  Gifts of Life  
  Take The Time  
  Heavenly Creatures  
  Installing Love  
  Kansas Senate Prayer  
  Life's Lessons  
  Thought Provoking  
  Never Too Old  
  True Friendship  
  Good Old Days  
  What do Angels Look Like  
  Acres Of Diamonds  
  A Father's Decision  
  A Father's Story  
  Australia The Only Place  
  Dirt Roads  
  True Friends  
  Long Love  
  The GST Explained  
  A GST Poem  
  New Courses For Women  
  A Parent's Directory  
  Pearls Of Wisdom  


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